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Ezrilaw Firm's Senior Partner, Zemilah, Makes Impactful Revision to Solicitors Remuneration Order

Ezrilaw Firm is delighted to announce the significant achievement of our esteemed Senior Partner, Zemilah, as part of the Solicitors Costs Committee (SCC) in successfully revising the Solicitors Remuneration Order 2005. This achievement brings forth a positive change for the legal profession in Malaysia, particularly in conveyancing transactions, as legal fees will be increased, ensuring the sustainability of legal services.

Revising the Solicitors Remuneration Order 2005 is a pivotal moment for the legal profession in Malaysia. With rising operating costs, it has become crucial to address the remuneration structure for lawyers to maintain the quality and accessibility of legal services. Zemilah's involvement in this revision signifies her commitment to protecting the interests of the legal community and advocating for fair remuneration for their invaluable services.

Zemilah's contributions to the revision of the law will have a lasting impact on the legal profession in Malaysia. By advocating for increased legal fees, she has helped to ensure that lawyers can cope with rising costs and continue to provide high-quality legal services to clients.

Ezrilaw Firm takes great pride in the expertise and dedication of its team. Zemilah's involvement in this significant revision exemplifies the firm's commitment to upholding the highest standards in the legal profession and positively impacting the industry.

The successful revision of the Solicitors Remuneration Order 2005 is a proud moment for Ezrilaw Firm. It reaffirms their dedication to legal excellence and making a positive difference in the legal profession.

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