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Habib Rahman, an esteemed advocate and solicitor, brings to EzriLaw Firm an unparalleled wealth of legal experience, having been called to the Bar in 1992. Graduating with distinction, he holds an LLB (Hons) degree and a Master of Banking Law from the renowned International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Habib's expertise shines through in his adept handling of intricate Syariah cases, ranging from matrimonial and family law matters to wills, deeds of gifts, wakaf, and estate administration, showcasing his comprehensive grasp of diverse legal intricacies.

In addition to his proficiency in Syariah law, Habib Rahman boasts over two decades of substantial  experience in representing numerous insurance companies,  skillfully defending personal injury claims stemming from motor vehicle accidents. His adeptness transcends specific domains, encompassing a broad spectrum of legal areas, including Civil Litigation, Judicial Review, employment disputes, income tax issues, insurance claims, accidents,  and cases involving medical negligence.

Beyond his legal practice, Habib Rahman actively contributes to the legal community, serving on several esteemed committees, including:

  • The Syariah Practice Sub-committee of the Penang Bar, 

  • Rules Committee of the Penang Syariah Court and the 

  • Disciplinary Committee of the Advocates & Solicitors Disciplinary Board (ASDB), 

highlighting his commitment to legal excellence.

With Habib Rahman spearheading the Litigation Division at EzriLaw Firm, his remarkable leadership, comprehensive knowledge, and proven track record are poised to elevate the firm's standing in the legal landscape. Confident in his capacity to drive forward the firm's success, we eagerly anticipate the promising contributions and the enduring impact he will bring to EzriLaw Firm and the legal profession as a whole.

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