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LL.B (Hons.) (IIUM)

Roziyana is an exceptional litigator with constant strive to achieve the best. Being an expert in general litigation field such as:

  • Summons

  • Bankruptcy

  • Winding up

  • Writ of seizure and sale

  • Writ of possession

  • Judgment debtor summon and foreclosure

  • Will/testament

  • Small estate matters

  • Letter of administration and probate. 


Her expertise also includes family law for non-Muslims, land matters, contract dispute, order for sale, and vesting order. Roziyana is the co-leader of our Litigation Division, specifically in court practice (current and new development of court matters in terms of updates, procedures, practice, and issues). At Bar Council, she is a member of the Civil Law and Law Reform Committee. 


As a trusted solicitor for high-profile clients and prominent institutions and panelist for educational events, she aims for EzriLaw Firm is the go-to law firm for general litigation, inheritance, and land resolutions. 

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