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The Journey That’s Worth Taking

In corridors of judgment, a fledgling stood,

With laws as compass, in a quest for good.

Under watchful eyes of seasoned guides,

Learned to craft the tide where justice resides.

Oh, the journey’s long, a path so grand,

From the stammered plea to the firmest stand.

Through the crossroads, the moments that make or break,

Each step on this path, a worthy stake.

As years unfurled, one to seven, then more,

In the legal forge, amidst the trial’s roar.

Solid foundations from the verdicts swayed,

In the crucible where futures are made.

The journey’s long, with each case a turn,

In the hearth of law, where passions burn.

From the fledgling’s cry to the eagle’s flight,

Every chapter penned in the court’s own light.

Seasons turned, from the seventh year to fifteenth’s dawn,

A barrister’s mettle, through the battles drawn.

Decades rolled as counsel and as sage,

Crafting narratives upon the age’s stage.

The journey’s long, etched in heart and mind,

In the search for truth that all must find.

With the gavel’s fall and the jury’s call,

Through the years, a lawyer heeds the duty’s call.

Then thirty years, a journey’s crest,

In the annals of law, a lifetime’s quest.

The balance tipped with a practiced ease,

Garnering honors like autumn’s leaves.

The journey’s long, the path winds on,

From the break of dawn to the setting sun.

In the quiet of the chamber’s hallowed space,

Reflects a voyage through time’s embrace.

Now the twilight comes, soft and still,

The lawyer’s tale, a testament of will.

From the first brief to the final decree,

A journey taken, as meant to be.

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