Practice Areas


& Real Estate

We assist developers, investors, and homebuyers in real estate transactions relating to development, construction, acquisition, auction, sale, sale-and-leaseback, and help clients attain protective measures required during conveyance transfering of the legal title of a property.


We help clients in areas concerning the conduct of lawsuits, which encompasses
resolution of a broad range of legal disputes for civil, commercial, business, personal and litigation support services.


& Corporate

We aid clients in the life cycle
of their companies including
issues arising from contract law,
rights, relations and business

& Advisory

We possess the skills to help startups in any contractual matters and also taking
a legal advisory role in helping the founding team in areas of compliance and day-to-day legal needs.

Inheritance & Wealth


We work closely with clients to proactively manage their wealth, identifying their wishes and creating the legal documentation necessary to ensure the fulfilment of those
wishes in the future.

Islamic Finance

As Islamic finance solicitors, we ensure our clients’ instructions and transactions are compliant with Shari’a in areas of Islamic banking, contract, commercial, and civil.

Family Law

We also deal with various legal
issues encompassing marriage, civil partnerships, child custody and support, alimony, adoption, annulment, and many other family related matters.


We represent clients in a consensus driven process for resolving disputes prior or during litigation encompassing
areas such as business, civil commercial, community, workplace and others.



& Drafting

We advise and assist to prepare an agreement for Muslim client including preparing Pre-Mutual Agreement such as Agreement related to rights and responsibilities between spouses upon marriage, after marriage, prior to the application for polygamy or upon divorce.


Islamic Wealth Management

We assist Muslim clients to manage their wealth, identifying their wishes, helps to create legal documentation by utilising Syariah principle including utilising wasiat , hibah, wakalah, waqf and Amanah (trust) as to ensure the fulfilment of those wishes at current time and in the future



Family Law

We also deal with various Shariah legal issues encompassing Muslim marriage & divorce matters, child custody and guardianship, claims after divorce such as iddah maintenance, faraid and  many other family related matters.

Advisory & Drafting

& Compliance

We provide practical and professional advice to our broad base of local clients. Due to the increasing number of compliance issues we recognises that compliance risks have become one of the most significant concerns for businesses, regardless of size.



We assisting the clients and guide them in understanding the functions and statutory duties carried out by the Developer and Management Bodies involved in the day to day tasks of adhering to the relevant rules and regulations governing strata management. We also assisting and consulting the clients on how to resolve the common issues arising in strata living.



The Banking and Finance practice of the firm provides services across all areas of transactions and products in banking and finance. Our team has experience in the negotiation, preparation and structuring of various documentation in relation to project finance, real estate finance, structured trade and commodity finance, credit documentation and trade financing and also other traditional and core areas of corporate banking and retail banking facilities.