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EzriLaw Firm's Commitment to You

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic situation in our nation today is undeniably disruptive and challenging for businesses. A new norm has been begun since early 2020 where everybody gradually becomes comfortable working from home. With the recent MCO 3.0 implementation, the new norm persisted.

EzriLaw Firm is prepared beyond mentality to embrace the new situation together with Malaysians to get through this turmoil. We have always strategized our product and service with business continuity plans to keep the firm running and are always ready to serve our clients. That is why in facing any disruptions or uncertainties, we become equipped to continue running at full capacity.

Here are the top three reasons why we can continue supporting and advising you on your legal needs during this pandemic:

#1. Technology Infrastructure & Digitization

From the onset, we ensure our firm progresses forward with industrial 4.0 at hand. As such, automation and digitization have always been a crucial part of our work culture. In this era of technological advancement, relying on technology helps us serve our clients better.

Hence, we have developed an in-house application —DLegal®️—that enables us to continue our operations without the constraint of physical office.

Additionally, with the technological capacity, all of our case files, documents, and important information are available in digital format. Accessing your important information and documents is possible anywhere, anytime and serving you from home is evermore possible and convenient. On the same note, clients who wish to continue receiving updates on their cases may download our EzriLaw Firm mobile application from the App Store or Play Store. With functional features of this app, you can stay connected with us at any time.

#2. Strong Operational Division, Focused Legal Team

As a law firm, we have a very strong operations team that governs all routine and administrative work and responsibilities of running EzriLaw Firm.

This means our legal staff are dedicatedly focused on serving our clients.

In setting up such a structure, we believe that will ensure the right professionals are dedicated to performing at their best.

#3. Experienced & Success Story

Despite the success of our management through the first disruption during Malaysia’s first MCO, it is not something to be joyous about. However, it is worth mentioning that due to the success, we have experienced the ways to handle unforeseen disruptions and crisis.

With different professionals focusing on their areas of expertise, we are able to handle cases, operational issues and other management matters timely, efficiently and smoothly. Ensuring all of our employees are at the top of their health by staying safe is also vital so they will be able to perform for you. As such, we take the safety standard operating procedures (SOPs) seriously. We also safeguard that everyone in our firm participates in the inoculation program by the government.


We devote ourselves to our mantra – committed, creative, courteous. We hold on to these words when running EzriLaw Firm throughout the years. The safety of our people (including our clients) is essential and that is why we ensure all our SOPs are in place and we continue serving our customers off the line, considering the physical distancing.

Like all other good business entities, we have a strategic business continuity plan in place since the beginning to ensure we are always prepared for the unanticipated and to remain resilient.

Innovation & technological adoption is necessary for progress. For this reason, we invest our resources into developing our own system and applications to allow us to uphold our brand promise.

For any related matters or inquiries, you may reach us via

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