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EzriLaw Smart Tenancy

As an organisation that processes a multitude of files for tenancy, EzriLaw Firm needed a solution to help sustain the service with speed and precision.

We created a unique user portal with a single sign-on through the consolidation of online solutions, helping to serve a quickly growing client base.

In addition, the portal’s easy-to-use dashboard meant that users could find the information and tools they needed for better self-service.

The Smart Tenancy Portal has introduced a time-efficient way and hassle-free process to provide the Tenancy Agreement.

With this new portal, the landlord and tenant could contribute autonomously to fill all the details in the portal, for example, the property details, tenant details and rent amount.

Our lawyers then create and review the necessary documents.

The new EzriLaw Smart Tenancy Portal provides a consistent and streamlined user experience with an auto-generated tenancy agreement.

The Smart Tenancy Portal can be accessed using the provided link If you would like further information on the portal, please feel free to contact us.

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