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Do you want to buy a property? Have no idea what to look out for? CLJ is proud to present the Webinar on Conveyancing: "Purchasing a Property: Understanding the Process & Procedures" which will be happening on 11 November 2022 (Friday) from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Most people are under the perception that buying property merely involves the signing of documents. However, there are certain procedures and timelines that they need to be aware of. Conveyancing matters, when it comes to purchasing a property, and continues to evolve with developments that deserve a practical understanding of the transactions involved. Non-procedural compliance or failure to understand the process flow may affect the transaction, which will eventually cause an impact on the entire process. The process may involve, among others, various parties, procedures, and costs. That aside, a purchaser should also have knowledge of the basic procedures involved in the transaction. Vide this webinar, participants will understand the: relevant purpose and types of properties which can be purchased importance of understanding the concept of offering to purchase importance of a solicitor's role throughout the sale & purchase transaction step-by-step procedures involved when purchasing a property4 Meet our fabulous speaker to be presented at this Webinar session : ZEMILAH MOHD NOOR – Senior Partner, EZRILAW FIRM Q&A session will be available for attendees where you will be able to ask direct questions & get live answers! Don't forget to attend this webinar by registering here :

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