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IWD: Why Having Inclusive Culture Will Bring Your Company To the Next Level

In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2021 (Hari Wanita Antarabangsa 2021), EzriLaw Firm dedicates this article to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women all around the globe.

This year’s inspiring theme is ‘Choose to Challenge’ (Wanita Bangkit Mendepani Cabaran).

The rationale behind this theme stems from the belief that society will be more alert in a challenged world. And that changes only happen through challenges.

For EzriLaw Firm, our challenges come from efforts in forging a gender-equal world starting from our own organisation.

In Malaysia, women account for 35% of the technology workforce.

But here at EzriLaw firm, we have 56 employees today, where women account for 62.5% of it, and 16% are in the management position.

In the last decade, women leadership in businesses and organisations have grown tremendously. We want to continue to take part in the change as well.

Our women senior partners and junior partners have been leading EzriLaw towards many successes and will continue to do so.

With the inclusion of more women in the leadership and management roles, we see that decision making and actions taken so far have helped us lead a progressive firm.

Women are generally more empathetic, nurturing, stronger in multitasking and are great communicators when it comes to working. All of these are vital to the operations dynamics of our firm.

With our inclusive culture, we are witnessing enhanced productivity and a healthier company culture that, in turn, brings a better experience to our clients.

As such, our hiring process and strategy focus on talents, qualifications and capabilities over gender. We also offer more leadership positions to those who are up for it.

Besides that, we also provide job benefits relevant to women to ensure they can perform at their best at work while being a mother for many who choose to have a family.

One of the many ways we combat prejudice, such as sexism and classism, includes practising flexibility that leads to a diversity mindset. That enables us to succeed in our endeavours.

We also entrust projects to everyone based on their unique skills, experience and capabilities, or whoever is up for the challenge, instead of grounding it based on gender. This gives equal opportunities to ensure the best services for our clients.

Past statistics have proven that having inclusion at the workplace lowers the turnover rate, where women feel more accepted, acknowledged and can grow for the benefit of the company.

In conclusion, we urge every business to take the IWD 2021 theme critically and #ChoosetoChallenge yourself to embrace inclusion and gender equality.

You will know that this is one of the greatest ways to compete in the current competitive business world.

For all the women out there, Happy International Women’s Day. Let us all celebrate the great achievements women have arrived at today.

Let’s create more successes with a progressive mindset. Let’s choose to challenge ourselves to create a better world.

At EzriLaw Firm, we will challenge gender stereotypes and bias.

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