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Webinar: Pengenalan Kepada Tribunal Pengurusan Strata & Isu-Isu Berbangkit

On 10 September 2021, our Managing Partner, Tn Hj Mohamad Ezri bin Abdul Wahab, who is the current President of Strata Management (Malay: Tribunal Pengurusan Strata or TPS) under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, was invited by Penang Bar Committee to educate the legal practitioners and public on the existence and importance of TPS.

The session was done via Zoom and covered a variety of topics ranging from:

a) Jurisdiction

b) Procedures

c) Modes of Service

d) Filing payment

e) Types of dispute

f) Distinguishing the parties entitled to file a request

g) Important aspects pertaining Joint Management Body (JMB), Management Corporation (MC) and Commissioner of Building (COB)

Mr Mohamad Ezri hoped the session was informative and useful to be used when the time comes.

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